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Some people may imagine an environment where a lot of old women gossip about their neighbors and receive expensive perms on their credit card. It is a cliché that has some truth to it. Salons can be stuffy. On the other hand, salons can be loud and alienating. Few men would feel really comfortable in a salon. When women get together, the energy is a bit much.

The making of a Non-Salon

All of these things are somewhat true when it comes to certain salons, and these are all things that Michael Landau said while contemplating and developing his "Drybar" concept. "It didn’t look like a salon. It didn’t feel like a salon. It didn’t smell like a salon." A whole industry can be turned upside-down with one innovative and refreshing approach. It was seen when uber launched a few yeasrs ago. What an obvious idea. To have drivers work as an independent worker. To have drivers find rides through a mobile app. It all makes sense.

The idea of a the lounge hair salon seeks to make those same big changes to the salon industry. It converges a salon with a bar. Patrons can drink, hang out, socialize, and relax while enjoying a stylish new hair style.

A Relatively Big Idea

The idea may not be as expansive as, say, an Uber, because a salon bar is a little restricted. But, it has huge potential. The rise in competition speaks to this reality. Blow in New York and Be Styled in Boston both encompass drinking and styling. It is an effective combination.

The growth for these companies has been incredible, and the Hair stylists in san diego get a front row seat. The Style lounge hair salon Salon has expanded from just onje location to four in a very short period of time. By 2012, the company boasted an incredible 25 locations that brought in a cumulative $19 million in revenue.

The Best hair salon in san diego company, and its handful of competitors, is really focused on an expertly crafted style with a unique flavor. There are companies offering incredibly deep hair-dos and styles that can cost over a hundred dollars. Traditionally, these drybars are looking at an affordable package. They are not overwhelming their list of services with an extensive number of options. The concept of the business it to keep it simple, affordable, and relaxing. It is not a complete reinvention. It is a touch-up focused on relaxation.

It is also a concept that is wildly successful.


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