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The particular utilization of activity based cost accounting could streamline the actual procedure regarding maintaining a ABC program and make simpler its use with typical cost data processing information. This particular system allocates indirect charges dependent upon a product’s cost, or typically the factor which creates the particular cost. Because costs are usually allocated for each product, any picture starts off to come up of that business techniques are carrying out well as well as which kinds need in order to be increased. ABC could be utilized to determine non-valued included activities and also can assist to much better allocate sources to useful and rewarding activities. Typically the use associated with ABC may also increase value for you to the ongoing improvement associated with business functions.


Making probable equitable as well as scientific prices by decreasing prices associated with products that will use fewer activity solutions and boost prices regarding products that will consume far more of typically the firm’s task resources.

Supporting organizations offer value additional services or existing merchandise on true cost received basis.

Reducing unprofitable products from the actual product series, thereby raising profitability with no increasing price ranges, a beneficial option throughout recessionary occasions.


The key disadvantage involving this particular activity-based costing methodology is usually that though activity dependent costing is usually a technological approach, the particular method regarding execution will be complicated, time period intensive, along with costly. Typically the method associated with data selection and files entry needs substantial solutions, and continues to be costly in order to sustain. The reports accomplish not adapt to typically accepted data processing concepts, and since such, companies following ABC has to sustain 2 cost devices and sales books, one particular for inner use as well as another intended for external studies, filings, as well as statutory conformity.


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